Sunday, July 12, 2009

Forex School: Learning to Trade

The foreign exchange market has been around since the 70's this is when they introduced free exchange rates and also floating currencies. Joe blow investors were then able to access the same trading as the big boys. Trading volume has been steadily increasing since 1971 when exchange rates were able to freely float. These days you have virtually everyone using Forex like hedge funds and the regular everyday normal guy.

Foreign Exchange for profits

Everyone wants to profit from foreign exchange. Forex trading is basically the act of buying and selling money. You buy it when it's low and you sell it when it goes up. It is a speculative guess on the exchange rate. The Forex market runs 24 hours per day because there is no physical exchange - it is all just data. IOt is all OTC and people use the internet etc to connect and do their trading.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Foreign Currency and Investing through it

There are many ways to invest in foreign currency. Forex is what people call it for short. Investing in currency is very popular these days and this blog discusses it's use.